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Welcome! Thank you for showing up for your soul purpose work! This page is a living light library to assist you in connecting with your true authentic self and highest divine potential.

Our mission: to help as many people as possible connect with their highest calling through Energy Medicine, yoga, meditation, & the Akashic Records. May this page serve as a sacred space to help guide you to greater health and well-being, while helping you connect with your soul's deepest wisdom.


Here at A New Beginning, we take your health and wellness to an exciting new level! Not only do we take a look at your physical health, we assess multidimensional levels of one's being and develop individualized treatment sessions to help clients become balanced in their mind, body, and spirit. 


We offer various energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, which helps reduce stress and anxiety, help you to find an inner calm, promote peace, balance your chakra system, promote healing, develop a deeper sense of awareness, and much more. Reiki can help anyone and everyone on every level of their being. This includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. 

Take your Reiki practice one step deeper adding in thai yoga bodywork to your session. The goal of Thai Yoga Bodywork is to assist in releasing blocked, stuck, and stagnant areas of the body, allowing for optimal flow of healing energies to flow naturally throughout the body, mind, and spirit.  Techniques such as acupressure (holding various points on the body), compression, gentle twisting, assisted yoga poses, rhythmic massage, and energy work are utilized to create a sensational experience. 

We also offer Akashic Therapy Sessions. Akashic Record work is truly about soul exploration and spiritual healing-- it is designed to help people heal on a soul level. As you begin to explore the higher dimensions of consciousness, as you unlock your Akashic Records-- you will begin to access this soul level dimension to retrieve valuable insight, guidance, and truth pertinent to your soul's journey-- naturally bringing vibrational alignment with your true self-- the part of you that is unchanging, whole, and complete in spiritual truth. 




















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  • 1. Reiki

  • 2. Reiki and Bodywork

  • 3. Thai Yoga Bodywork

  • 4. Yoga Sessions

  • 5. Spiritual Coaching/Akashic Readings

  • 6. Guided Meditation/Yoga Nidra Sessions

  • Akashic Readings (Phone or in-person)

  • Long-distant Reiki

  • Complimentary Spiritual Consultations (phone)

  • Reiki Certification Courses

  • Akashic Record Classes

  • Online Courses through The Yoga Center Retreat

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