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What clients are saying about us!
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AJ Painter
I had my first Reiki session with Cody today and WOW. What an amazing experience with such a knowledgeable person. Thank you for helping me get my head in the right place to conquer my world!
Beth Sievers 
I attended Cody's Reiki 1 and 2 class in the Fall of 2016 and I enjoyed the it very much. Cody is knowledgeable, inclusive, and easy to learn from. He shares how Reiki can be used every day, even if you don't become a professional practitioner. Cody is so excited to share his gifts and ensure that you receive the full benefits of the class. Thank you Cody!
Abbey Ahlstrom-Bader 
Cody is phenomenal!  Cody is an incredibly gifted healer and both of my sessions with him have been nothing sort of amazing. I would highly recommend  Cody for his wonderful care and service.
Samantha Helene 
Cody is amazing! I've had Reiki before, but never this level of excellence. My whole body was feeling the positive energy! Such a calm and loving soul, as well. 
Jennifer Thorn Schimek 
Every time I see Cody, I feel more open and aware of what really matters in life! My son is an amazing 12 year old 7th grader. He gets easily frustrated and is kind of shy. He left the session feeling happy and relaxed, it was so fun to see! Cody allowed me to sit in on my son's session and give input when I wanted. I have absolutely fallen in love withCody and have since recommended their services to my friends and family! They are highly gifted, caring young men with amazing energy! If you're on the fence about trying an intuitive Reiki session, just take the leap! You will not be disappointed. 
Chrissy Kranitz 
I brought my 9 year old son with ADHD in to meet with Cody for a Reiki treatment. Cody was amazing with him! It was an instant connection and my son felt great after his treatment Cody uses kind words that are easy for children to understand!
Cathy Dunham Ihle 
I recently had a Reiki reading done by Cody and it blew my mind away. I was not too familiar with it and wanted to see what it was all about. I left feeling amazed and energized! I learned so much! Cody is very patient, kind and positive! I can't wait to do it again!
Heather Ann Nichols 
A dear friend of mine gifted me with a Reiki session with Cody. I've never experienced anything like it in my life! I was suffering with horrible back pain for so long I had no pain in my back after our session and three weeks later I'm still pain free. Cody is amazing! I felt so comfortable with him as if I'd known him for years. I highly recommend Reiki especially if you want immediate pain relief! I can't wait to see him again!!!
Angela Christle
Amazing! The space is inviting and the experience is truly life changing! Cody is intuitive and attuned. I could feel the healing energy in the room and within my body. It felt wonderful to release. I feel uplifted and free. I feel weightless... Like I am walking on clouds... I highly recommend and I look forward to my next visit! Thank you!
Carla Conrad Anderson 

Through nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, I've been working on my mind/body connection. Reiki seems to be that final piece of the puzzle for me.

My Reiki treatments with Cody at A New Beginning have had a profound impact on my ability to see the whole picture, to focus on what's truly important. I leave a session feeling more relaxed, more energized than I ever thought possible, experiencing a glowing kind of radiance throughout...euphoria, if you will.

I've made deep and significant connections in my spiritual life as a direct result of just a few sessions. I've found new balance I never expected, a new level of enthusiasm for life and others around me.

As everyday stressors of life creep up, I know how to keep them from consuming me. When I begin to sense my anxiety starting to rise, I know it's time for Reiki...what a genuine blessing!

Alison S. 
A New Beginning has helped me open up and walk the journey of my healing my mind, body, and soul that has been craving for years. Words can not express the magnitude of this spiritual practice that has brought me peace, closure, and acceptance at a time where I felt like there were no other options with modern day medicine. Reiki was introduced to me by Cody and it will now continue to be my pathway to continued health and wellness. I strongly recommend A New Beginning to anyone who is looking for an alternative approach to healing from the inside out. 
Barbara M. 
Last evening I had the opportunity to experience Reiki at A New Beginning. It was a relaxing experience and I have had surprising relief from pain (in my knee). I am impressed with this treatment modality and am sure I will enjoy increasing benefit from Reiki therapy with continuing use. Cody is a very caring and intuitive Reiki practitioner...I am "sold" on this new Rx!
Here is what the kids had to say about their experience at A New Beginning:
"I loved the meditation parts because it was so relaxing and helped me clear the fog in my mind and become focused again. I believe it even helped me do better in school today too!"

"I liked it! It was very cool to see. They should sell guided meditation CDs. I'd buy some!"
"I actually practiced the meditation today before starting to work on a project, I think it made me way more productive and not so scattered!"

Andrea B. 


I have had the pleasure of having Reiki energy work done by Cody and I highly recommend him. I have been through a period of immense stress and pain. The moment his hands moved over me my arm was tingling and warm with healing energy. Where I had pain I don't anymore. During the session tears of peace streamed down my face. I would describe my Reiki experience as life changing! It touched every part of my being. Cody is remarkable and has a true gift.



Angie N. 


I recently had the opportunity to receive Reiki at A New Beginning with Cody. I decided to try Reiki because of chronic pain in my wrist from multiple surgeries. I had exhausted all pain opportunities that modern medicine had to offer with no relief. With great happiness and relief, I can say I have had several weeks pain free! This is something I haven't experienced in several years. 

I was also happily surprised by how much the sessions helps my anxiety. I leave feeling calm, relaxed and very peaceful. That feeling has extended into my everyday day life which has greatly improved my overall contentment. 


Cody is a sincere, intuitive and compassionate healer. I would highly recommend him and A New Beginning!



Sarah Q. - March 8th, 2016


I had never tried anything like this before but was in desperate need to try something new and I am not disappointed at all. Cody is absolutely delightful. Every time I leave after a reiki session, I feel light, happy, optimistic and with a happy soul. Give it a try. Keep an open mind. You will not be disappointed. 










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