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Cody Cooper

Usui Reiki Master | Sekhem Seichem Reiki Level 2 | RYT 500 Yoga Teacher | Retreat Facilitator | Akashic Therapist | Thai Yoga Bodyworker | Spiritual Teacher | Author

Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. in Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Science: Exercise Science

Minor: Business Administration




Retreat leader

Hire Cody to lead yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy medicine, and holistic health and wellness at your next wellness retreat! Cody is available for both large events and private events. Please send inquiries to

Group Reiki & Bodywork (Omassage and Reiki Events with Cody Cooper and Holly Schramm at The Yoga Center Retreat & The Yoga Room) 4 Offerings/month

These sessions combine the gentle and soothing energy of Reiki with therapeutic stretching, deep tissue compression, acupressure, and rhythmic massage. Sign up through The Yoga Center Retreat webpage.

1:1 Yoga Sessions- 60 minute VIRTUAL

Experience the joy of yoga by being led through a 60 minute practice designed specifically to your individual needs.

Complete beginners to more advanced yogi's are welcome!

Sample Class Format:
10 minute grounding and centering
40 minute yoga
10 minute guided meditation and savasana

(in-person sessions may include gentle assists and stretching, energy medicine, and hands on adjustments)

Yoga & Reiki Session 60 minute VIRTUAL

Experience the joy of your very own yoga practice combined with the power of Reiki. Experience deep healing and deep connection with your inner being, while energetically being uplifted and held. 

Class format:
10 minute grounding and centering
30 minute yoga
20 minute Reiki 

Reiki Sessions VIRTUAL

Long-distant sessions are highly effective to help facilitate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Reiki helps bring a deep sense of peace and calmness to one's mind, body, and spirit. Reiki can help strengthen your energetic field, aid in healing from various ailments, deepening your connection to self, promoting self-love and self-acceptance, and connecting you with a deeper sense of your innate purpose here on Earth. You may complete these sessions in the comfort of your own home, which allows you to feel even more safe and secure. 

What to expect?!

1. Cody calls you at your designated appointment time.

2. It is recommended that you lie down, with a pillow underneath your head and your knees to promote optimal energetic flow.

3. You may place a blanket over you and play soothing music that helps you relax if you feel guided.

4. Cody explains the process and guides you into a meditative state, releasing any stress and tension.

5. You become deeply relaxed and may feel warmth, tingling, and loving energies around you, helping you find a deep sense of peace and calm.

6. At the end of the session, Cody guides you back to center and complete balance within.

7. We then discuss the session and answer any questions that you may have.

Akashic Readings VIRTUAL

Throughout these sessions, Cody works with your Higher Self, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones through the light of the Akashic Records-- which exist in the higher dimensions of consciousness. The Akashic Records are a soul-level dimension that help you connect with your soul's unique journey in a more tangible way, to promote guidance, direction, clarity, and insight. These sessions help you "connect the dots", by providing information to help you understand soul level truths and patterns in your life, creating positive change and soul development. Throughout these sessions we may work through current problem areas to work towards resolution and healing, setting you up for success in this now moment.

Sample topics for readings are: career, relationships, soul purpose, passion, spiritual gifts/abilities, healing traumas, self-love, self-acceptance, self-transformation, motivation/inspiration, self-realization, and personal growth.

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations- 20 or 30 minute sessions VIRTUAL & RECORDINGS AVAILABLE:

Allow yourself to slow down and reconnect with your innermost self. Cody will guide you through a gentle meditation to help you reconnect, recenter, and rebalance within-- leading you into a deep state of peace and relaxation. Yoga nidra is a tantric meditation practice that helps you achieve the deepest states of awareness while recharging your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. 

Guided Akashic Record Meditations (Zoom):

Explore the higher dimensions of consciousness through the perspective of the Akashic Records, for self-realization, liberation, and spiritual healing. These sessions are 30 minutes in length.


5 minute check-in

15-20 minute guided meditation

5 minute follow up

Spiritual Coaching Sessions/Akashic Record Session VIRTUAL

Focus on bringing harmony to your body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes all we need are new insights, new perspectives, and new strategies to help us cope with our surroundings and better our relationships with ourselves and others. 

Through working in the Akashic Records, we will look at various pillars of health that are currently affecting your overall sense of well-being. We will works towards creating new ways of bringing greater levels of peace, harmony, and flow to your daily lives. Sample topics of interest:

1. Goal Setting
2. Developing a daily practice
3. Staying connected to your true self in times of challenge
4. Strategies to cope with difficult family members
5. Finding peace and deeper connection with those around you.
6. Maintaining energetic balance and creating healthy boundaries. 

7. Building a connection to your Higher Self- the divine aspect of you that is already whole and complete in spiritual truth

8. Shedding cultural conditioning, guiding you back to your true self

9. Self acceptance, self love, and self care

10. Developing a sense of compassion and empathy of self and others

11. Igniting your purpose and passion

12. Higher Self alignment

13. Self-realization

14. Soul liberation

15. Soul purpose


Akashic Record Programs:

Explore the higher dimensions of consciousness as you unlock your Akashic Records--the infinite field of light that exists in the higher planes of existence. Begin to access this soul level dimension to retrieve valuable insight, guidance, and truth pertinent to your soul's journey-- naturally bringing vibrational alignment with your true self-- the part of you that is unchanging, whole, and complete in spiritual truth.



Four Week Self-Transformation 


  • Four 60 minute Akashic study sessions with Cody via Zoom

  • Focus on 4 key areas of personal growth: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Transformation, & Soul Purpose through the perspective of the Akashic Records.

  • Investment: $240


The Enlightenment Circle: 

There is a small group of us that connect a few times per month. We share healing, we share grace, we share in reiki, and we share in meditation. We support each other, we nurture each other’s potential, and we come together for a higher purpose.

If you would like to be part of our Online Enlightenment Tribe, please reach out and join our online healing community!




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