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Cody Cooper
Usui Reiki Master | Sekhem Seichem Reiki| Thai Yoga Bodywork | Retreat Facilitator | Akashic Record Teacher/Mentor | Spiritual Coach | Author

B.S. in Health, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Science: Exercise Science

Minor: Business Administration

RYT 500


Cody graduated from Winona State University in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Rehabilitative Science and a minor in Business Administration. Cody is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 
Cody was introduced to Reiki and spiritually based healing in 2014 and was instantly intrigued by this sacred healing technique. He began seeking out resources to learn more about Reiki and natural healing which motivated him to become a Reiki Master in 2015. This reawakened many different spiritual gifts for Cody, which led him into his current role as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher, Author, Akashic Therapy Practitioner, and Divine Channel. Cody has a strong connection with Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, and serves as a channel for these higher light beings. Cody also works with the Christ Consciousness energy to help others raise their vibrational frequency, allowing one to get back into alignment with their divine life blueprint. Cody helps others recognize their true soul essence, and works as a guide to others to help them achieve their full potential.   
Cody continues to learn about, and grow, in many different spiritually based practices and natural healing techniques. Cody has attended workshops on Angel Healing, Spirit Guides, and Advanced Hands on Healing. Cody became certified as an Akashic Therapy Practitioner in Sedona, AZ in 2017. Cody published his first book, Therapy for the Soul: An Intuitive's Guide to Reaching your Divine Potential, released in October of 2017. Since then, he has created 5 more books channeled directly from the Akashic Records to serve as spiritual tools to elicit positive change, spiritual evolution, and soul-level transformation. 

Cody has written 6 spiritual based books that are all here to help support others on their spiritual journeys and help others tap into their infinite potential. These can all be purchased through Amazon by clicking the links below.


Cody has facilitated numberous spiritual retreats in Sedona, California, Costa Rica, New York, Wild Rice Retreat Center, and more- guiding others through the Akashic records, meditation, Reiki, and yoga-- while creating and fostering a sense of unity based consciousness and community.

Cody completed his advanced RYT 500 hour yoga teacher program in 2021.Cody completed studied and became certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork in September of 2021. 

Cody continued studying a new lineage and energy stream, called Sekhem-Seichem-Reiki: the Ancient Art of Healing in 2023. He has received many initiations and attunements to this energy stream to help facilitate even deeper healing for his clients. 


One of Cody's greatest achievements has been invited time and time again to lead Wellness Retreats in New York for world renown Biologic Dentist Doctor Gerry Curatola and his team of Doctors and Health Care Practitioners. 

Dr. Gerry Curatola

Doctor Gerry Curatola D.D.S, is recognized as one of the leading dental health experts in the United States and as a media personality in TV, radio, and online. He is the Oral health expert to Doctor Oz and is part of an elite group of dentists who are highly sought out by celebrities, film stars, and models! He is an incredible humanitarian, author, and wellness pioneer, who has such a kind and genuine soul!

Before Doctor Gerry reached out to me a couple months ago, he was praying for help to connect with his Angelic guidance and support system. He then happened to be guided to my book, Sacred Keys and Codes to Activate Your Higher Purpose. He read the first chapter, and had an inner knowing that we needed to connect. He reached out, and thus the journey began.

He asked me to teach about Angels and the healing power of the Angelic Realms. This gave us the opportunity to explore new levels of consciousness and new ways of being, while building a true sense of freedom and liberation. We shared in community, and allowed our stories to bring us closer together, while cultivating a true sense of belonging. It allowed us to heal and become conscious of the invaluable tools that we have available to us as we began to tap into the infinite support of our Angels.

I also was given the opportunity to share more about the field of energy medicine and the extraordinary power of Reiki and its healing benefits for body, mind, and spirit— which was super rewarding and helped bring us together!

We participated in many yoga and meditation practices, and we even got to do yoga on the beach! The weather was perfect and sunny— and it was a dream come true.

Something magical begins to take place as we do our inner work and show up for each other. Our fears dissolve and our hearts begin to open. We naturally begin to come back into alignment, which provides a true sense of strength for all involved.

I am humbled by this experience. This whole journey has been an answered prayer, a dream come true, and an invaluable life experience that has taught me so much. To come together with such an amazing group of individuals, and learn, grow, and evolve together was truly enlightening— and in my eyes—is what this life is all about. It showed me that when we are patient, and when we let go and let God, miracles really do happen. We begin to realize that we are well supported and always taken care of.

Gerry has become a friend, mentor, and someone who has deeply inspired me. He spoke faith into my life, believed in me, and showed me that with God, all things are possible. Today, I am grateful for the miraculous unfoldment taking place— and so excited for what is to come. Life is SO good, we just gotta keep believing— keep knowing that good things ARE happening. And most importantly— never, never give up.

Review from Dr. Gerry Curatola:

"Cody, my entire team of doctors and staff had a terrific time to “rejuvenate” their mind-body-spirit, which has all been very taxed by the stress of this unprecedented recent period of time. You also helped to strengthen the bonds we share together in the care for our patients through open communication and support of each other. Most importantly, you helped open our hearts (heart center) more to the importance of being connected on every level of our humanity, especially spiritually, to the fullness of what God has promised to each and every one of us. For that, I am deeply grateful and looking forward to more programs like this in the future."


Fondly, Dr. Gerry


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Meditation Picture form New York
Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat
Cody's Books

Therapy for the Soul: An Intuitive's Guide to Reaching your Divine Potential

In this book, author Cody Cooper explains his spiritual awakening experience that led to his current career as a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Divine Channel, and Spiritual Teacher.
Throughout this book, Cody explains various spiritual tools and outlets that can be used to deepen your connection to your own intuitive abilities and learn various ways to bring peace and balance to your own life and energetic bodies. Cody takes you through various step-by-step exercises that can lead you to a path of fulfillment as you learn to connect with your inner divinity in a magical and blessed way.
This book offers support for the sensitive, empathic, spiritual seeking souls who are looking to raise their vibrational frequency and commit to their spiritual growth and awakening in this time of need.
The time is now. May we all take the necessary steps to bring positive change to this world, stepping into our highest divine potential through unconditional love! Let us free ourselves from that which no longer serves us, and grow together as we connect deeper with the beautiful energies that are all around us.

Therapy for the Soul: An Intuitive's Guide to Reaching your Divine Potential by: Cody Cooper
Sacred Keys and Codes to Activate Your Higher Purpose
Now is the time to take action steps towards achieving your goals while consciously working towards a greater level of self-mastery and enlightenment. Sacred Keys and Codes to Activate Your Higher Purpose awakens you to your innate divinity, serving as a guiding light to help you connect with infinite spiritual resources to help support you and your sacred journey. Dive in deeper, connecting with the Angelic Realms, Christ Consciousness, Violet Flame and numerous other resources to help you align more fully with your Higher Self and divine life blueprint. This book helps you tap into your inner wisdom, knowledge, and truth while providing step-by-step spiritual meditations and activations to help you bring more happiness, joy, and abundance into your life.
Sacred Keys and Codes to Activate your Higher Purpose by: Cody Cooper
The 21 Day Chakra Cleanse: Self-Care for Enlightenment

Our energetic field is made up of four lower bodies, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is our responsibility to take care of each of these bodies, with equal focus and attention, to ensure optimal health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit. There are also twelve 5th Dimensional chakras that we need to pay attention to, especially as we grow on a spiritual level. Spiritual self-care is an essential part of our health that is oftentimes overlooked in the grand scheme of things. This book is designed to shed light on spiritual self-care and spiritual health which is vital to finding inner peace, balance, and harmony. By connecting to your inner spirit and completing this 21 Day Chakra Cleanse, you will find a renewed sense of strength, stamina, and endurance as you continue to move forward on your soul's evolutionary path. You will learn about the spiritual components and anatomy of the twelve 5 Dimensional chakras, discuss the four lower bodies, and participate in guided meditations and activations to jump-start your spiritual journey by igniting passion on a soul level.

The 21 Day Chakra Cleanse: Self-Care for Enlightnement by Cody Cooper

Dimensional Shifts Into Higher Consciousness

Dive in and experience the higher dimensional realities and higher dimensional aspects of yourself to help with spiritual growth and understanding. Learn to connect with higher levels of awareness and expand your consciousness by connecting to specific dimensions and realms of consciousness. Allow access to a greater level of spiritual attainment by learning more about soul-level truths and ways to connect with your true authentic self. Connect deeper with the origins of your soul and continue to work towards embodying the higher level aspects of your Higher Self in physical form.

Radical Acceptance: A Journey of Self-Transformation

This book serves as a catalyst to break through limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and unhealthy associations, to claim a higher light and truth that is more in alignment with our true authentic selves. This spiritual journey will take you step by step through many different areas of healing, to help you work towards a deeper connection with your heart center and multidimensional capabilities as divine beings of light. You will recognize, accept, and begin to heal soul-level wounds, to become more aware of your own innate goodness and the goodness of our Creator. To participate in this book, is accepting on some level, a deeper sense of your soul mission and soul purpose in this now moment. Congratulations, you have successfully shown up for the next phase of your soul's evolution. You are now in pursuit of the next highest light level that you can embody in this present moment. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Dimensional Shifts Into Higher Conscious by: Cody Cooper
Radical Acceptance: A Journey of Self-Acceptance by: Cody Cooper

Imagine stepping into a higher dimension-- a higher plane of soul-level consciousness. In doing so, you recognize that you have access to any and all universal truths in regards to your soul's journey, throughout it's many, many lifetimes.


You begin to download divine information directly from the true vibrational field of light, known as the Akashic Records-- which are untainted by human thought and emotion. This new level of light kick-starts your spiritual healing process, launching you deeper into soul-level discovery as you venture through the infinite field of the Akasha. You begin to overflow with a light so pure and natural, that you begin to reconnect with the true light of your own soul.


As you are immersed in this unconditional love, you shine brighter and brighter, creating ripples of pure ecstatic joy that pierce the layers of your internal and external realities-- creating harmony and balance and a true sense of liberation and freedom. Tune-in, as you are exactly where you need to be-- you are ready to tap into the Akashic Records for soul-level healing and spiritual transformation.

The Akashic Field: Finding Vibrational Resonance with your Soul by: Cody Cooper
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